'Decade of Domination' by David Bill (Billy)
Ducati Motorcycles World Superbike oil painting
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The billyart watermark does not appear on the Ducati print

"Decade of Domination" Sold Out

This painting is a tribute to Ducati Motorcycles and the men (Raymond Roche, Doug Polen, Troy Corser and four times World Superbike champion Carl 'Foggy' Fogarty) who rode Ducati's iconic motorcycles to eight World Superbike championship victories through the 1990's and turned the Ducati factory and it's motorcycles into a world respected marque through it's dominance of the World Superbike Championship. The original painting took Billy 3 months to produce and the attention to detail on the Ducati Motorcycles and the World Superbike riders is stunning.

Below are details from the 'Decade of Domination' World Superbike oil painting showing the lengths that David Bill (Billy) goes to as an artist in his work.

Raymond Roche winning the World Superbike Championship in 1990 on a Ducati 888. This was Ducati Motorcycles FIRST World Superbike Championship victory.


Doug Polen being victorious riding a Ducati 888 two years on the row in the 1991 and 1992 World Superbike Championships for Ducati Motorcycles.


Carl Fogarty's (Foggy) first World Superbike Championship victory of 1994 riding a Ducati Factory Team Ducati 916 Motorcycle.


Carl Fogarty's (Foggy) second consecutive World Superbike Championship title victory of in 1995 riding again a Ducati 916 Factory Motorcycle.


Troy Corser winning the World Superbike Championship in 1996 on a Ducati 916 Motorcycle


The start of Carl Fogarty's (Foggy) second set of dual year triumphs in the World Superbike Championship for Ducati Motorcycles. This one in 1998 piloting the new improved Ducati 996 Motorcycle.


The second year of Carl Fogarty's (Foggy) second set of dual year triumphs in the World Superbike Championship for Ducati Motorcycles. This one in 1999 racing again on a 996 Ducati Motorcycle.

Below are three close up details from this stunning World Superbike piece of art 'Decade of Domination' showing the fine detail in Billy's oil paintings.

The cockpit of Carl Fogarty's
(Foggy) Ducati 996 motorcycle from the 1999 World Superbike Championship showing the Ohlins steering damper, tachometer, fork billet, brake reservoir and sponsors off wonderfully.

Carl Fogarty's
(Foggy) World Superbike helmet sponsor 'Shark' with the 'Lancashire Rose' in the centre. Patriotic passion for Foggy's home county.

A very close detail of Carl Fogarty's (Foggy) Dainese kevlar glove. Showing the incredible detail that David Bill (Billy) puts into his work. The passion and commitment put into World Superbike racing by the Ducati team and World Superbike riders is echoed in the attention to detail that David applies into his art work and this celebration of Ducati Motorcycle's Domination of the World Superbike Championship.

It is also the follow up print to 'Decade of Dedication' that Billy produced to commemorate Carl Fogarty's 10 year rise to motorcycle racing fame and four World Superbike victories based on the UK's Union Jack that was released in 2000. To view 'Decade of Dedication' click here.

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